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When Jesus told his followers how much we all need God’s love, it was not a theological treatise. Instead, he told a story: There once was a man who had two sons The simplicity of this famous parable belies some richly profound truths. The story Francis Thompson tells in his classic poem The Hound of Heaven works in exactly this way—stirring our hearts with a yearning we may not fully understand. Something comes through the poem that we cannot quite put our finger on…This book actually contains two versions of the poem, the original and a modern adaptation. Despite the depth and beauty of the poem, it is written in a vernacular difficult to understand. Our rationale for the adaptation of this masterpiece is to reveal its timeless beauty and insights for a broad, modern audience.

The Hound of Heaven is now available on DVD featuring two short films, "The Francis Thompson Story," a documentary detailing the amazing story of the author's life, and "A Modern Adaptation" which is an updated, animated version of the poem for a modern audience.