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Francis Thompson's classic poem, The Hound of Heaven, has captured hearts and minds around the world for over 100 years. The poetic words creatively stir a haunting narrative that has connected many people to the essence of a deep truth.

The Hound of Heaven: The Story of Francis Thompson is a compelling documentary that tells the human story behind the poem. This biography follows the journey of a young man who plummeted from the heights of a comfortable life to the depths of drug addiction in London's seedy alleys…and then found redemption. In the midst of this painful experience, he wrote what many consider to be one of the greatest poems in Christendom. G. K. Chesterton and J. R. R. Tolkien were among those who wrote of his poetic talent, as well as his influence on their own writing. See the trailer.

The Hound of Heaven: A Modern Adaptation is a modern rendition of Francis Thompson's classic work retold in the form of an illustrated short film. Despite the depth and richness of the original poem, The Hound of Heaven is written in a vernacular that can be difficult to understand today. Our rationale for the adaptation of this masterpiece is to reveal its timeless beauty and insights for a broad, modern audience. See the trailer.

The Hound of Heaven: A Modern Adaptation, a beautifully illustrated book, is now available both in paperback and on Kindle.